Meet the Cast & Crew of GAGA!

Brian Allen (The Leader)

GAGA’s fearless (or clueless) leader is actually a pretty big geek in his own right. Brian Allen blogs about movies, video games and other entertainment at Technology Tell. He lives in Cedar Hill, TX with his wife and three kids, who are dedicated gamers as well.

He also performs with the Dallas chapter of Murder Mystery Players, where he’s played everything from a rambunctious kid at a country school to a Satanic cult leader. Among his acting credits are The Best Damn Sports Show Period, a 1-800-LAWYERS commercial, and, of course, Geeks and Gamers Anonymous.

Twitter: @GameDropping

Facebook: Brian Allen


Katrina Hill (Raine)

Katrina Hill, Action Flick Chick, is the creator/writer/producer of GAGA. She also portrays the character Raine. Katrina Hill is, first and foremost, a lover of all things action. She’s been in love with the action genre since a young age, taking influence from action stars both new and old, from Stallone and Schwarzeneggar to Statham, and even independent action stars such as Tony Jaa. Katrina Hill created the website, and quickly became known as the go to source for action movie news, reviews, and interviews.

Also writing freelance for other publications such as MTV Geek, she has now ventured into the webseries department.. She has given panel presentations in front of thousands at San Diego Comic-Con International and is the author of Action Movie Freak, a guidebook to the best action movies around.

Twitter: @ActionChick

Facebook: Action Flick Chick


URIZEN (Created GAGA’s theme song)

URIZEN is an electronic-influenced 8-bit-style heavy rock band based in Ft. Worth, Texas. The band is well known for their entertaining and highly involved stage shows, featuring members dressed in full red-and-white armor-style space suits. Other features of their stage show include the appearance of a giant, 8-foot-tall URIZEN Robot; a 12-foot inflatable cycloptic goo monster; a custom-created silicone conjoined twin creature; and much more!

Since 2004, URIZEN has been storming stages in their native Texas and beyond, embarking on an extensive US tour in 2011. URIZEN is also well known outside of the club circuit, with performances at Arlington’s Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, three consecutive years of live sets at Addison’s All-Con fan convention, and a 2010 performance at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con, touted as the “world’s largest” science fiction/fantasy convention, with over 40,000 attending annually. Their most recent excursion found them playing alongside The Protomen for 5 dates across Louisiana and Texas.

URIZEN’s musical style employs the use of heavy, distorted guitars; speedy drums; and clean, rock-style vocals. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of URIZEN’s sound is the dominant presence of synth and keyboards, specifically the use of orchestral strings and 8-bit Nintendo-style electronic sounds. In his book, “Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal,” former Metal Maniacs editor Jeff Wagner says of URIZEN, “These Texans resemble everything from Arcturus and Solefald to the even weirder electronic-based material by Ulver and Manes.”

The band was formed in early 2003 by brothers Thomas and Daniel Drinnen (guitar/vocals and keyboards, respectively) and drummer Julio Escamilla. They acquired bassist Rustin Luther in 2012.  URIZEN has released three studio albums; autocratopolis (2005), Universe EP (2007), and Universe:Red (2010). In 2011 they released a collection of chiptune remixes entitled 8-Bit Universe. They have also released 2 singles; Boxmen (2010) and Boxmakers (2012).

Website: URIZEN

Facebook: URIZEN Online

Music: Band camp

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